OSSHHM’s Mission

OSSHHM is dedicated to ensuring that all Pacific Islanders receive optimal clinical management of STI/HIV and other sexual health related matters, through the development and dissemination of evidence-informed policies, standards of care, and guidelines. To achieve this OSSHHM will work collaboratively with affected communities, members, regional and national partners and governments.




OSSHHM is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as a key professional body advancing the science and practice of STI/HIV and sexual health care in the Pacific. OSSHHM’s services are sought by Pacific governments, regional and national organisations, and members.



OSSHHM Core Values and Principles

OSSHHM is committed to:

  • Decision-making on the basis of best practice and scientific evidence;
  • Working in collaboration with partners and stakeholders in the field;
  • The principles of human rights; and
  • Being gender-, religious- and culturally-sensitive in all decisions.


OSSHHMs four year strategic objectives (2012-2015)

  • Improve access to a continuum of quality STI/HIV services at local level (CoC) for key affected populations, including PLHIV;
  • Improve access to, and increase utilization of, appropriate guidelines, protocols and standards for STI/HIV management in the region;
  • Improve access to training, including TOT, in STI/HIV management for public and private-sector health care workers in the region;
  • Improve organizational functioning of OSSHHM, and expand its membership, networking, and resource mobilization;